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Sia Furler( Sia Kate Isobelle Furler )【 31 albums 255 lyrics 】
Sia Kate Isobelle Furler (born 18 December 1975), referred to mononymously as Sia (/ˈsiːə/), is an Australian singer, songwriter, record producer and music video director. She started her career as a singer in the local Adelaide acid jazz band Crisp in the mid-1990s. In 1997, when Crisp disbanded, she released her debut studio album titled OnlySee in Australia. She then moved to London, England, and provided lead vocals for the British duo Zero 7.

In 2000, Sia signed to Sony Music's sub-label Dance Pool and released her second studio album, Healing Is Difficult, the following year. Displeased with the promotion of the record, she signed to Go! Beat and released her third studio album, Colour the Small One, in 2004. The project struggled to connect with a mainstream audience, and so Sia relocated to New York City in 2005 and began touring across the United States. She released her fourth and fifth studio releases, Some People Have Real Problems and We Are Born, in 2008 and 2010, respectively. She then took a hiatus from performing, during which she focused on songwriting for other artists. Her catalogue includes the successful collaborations 'Titanium' (with David Guetta), 'Diamonds' (with Rihanna) and 'Wild Ones' (with Flo Rida).

In 2014, Sia released her sixth studio album 1000 Forms of Fear, which debuted at No 1 in the U.S. Billboard 200 and generated the top-ten breakthrough single 'Chandelier' and a trilogy of music videos starring child dancer Maddie Ziegler. In 2016, she released her seventh studio album This Is Acting, which spawned her first Hot 100 number one single, 'Cheap Thrills'. The same year, Sia gave her Nostalgic for the Present Tour, which incorporated performance art elements. Sia has received an array of accolades, including ARIA Awards and an MTV Video Music Award.
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Album name Release Date  Song    
Hey Boy 2020-11
1.Hey Boy
Courage to Change 2020-09
1.Courage to Change
Riding On My Bike 2020-08
1.Riding On My Bike
I'm Still Here 2018-10
1.I'm Still Here
Everyday Is Christmas 2017-11
1.Santa's Coming For Us
2.Candy Cane Lane
5.Ho Ho Ho
6.Puppies Are Forever
8.Underneath The Mistletoe
9.Everyday Is Christmas
10.Underneath The Christmas Lights
Move Your Body 2017-01
1.Move Your Body(Single Mix)
Fifty Shades Darker OST 2017
Angel By The Wings 2016-12
1.Angel By The Wings
Unforgettable 2016-05
This Is Acting 2016
1.Bird Set Free
3.One Million Bullets
4.Move Your Body
6.Cheap Thrills
8.House on Fire
10.Sweet Design
11.Broken Glass
12.Space Between
13.First Fighting a Sandstorm
14.Summer Rain
The Greatest 2016
1.The Greatest (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
Never Give Up 2016
1.Never Give Up
Ailve 我活著 2015-12
1.Ailve 我活著
California Dreamin' 2015-05
1.California Dreamin'
1000 FORMS OF FEAR 2014-07
1.Big Girls Cry
Elastic Heart From 'The Hunger Games:Catching Fire' Soundtrack 2013-10
1.Elastic Heart From 'The Hunger Games:Catching Fire' Soundtrack
We Are Born 2010-06
1.The Fight
2.Clap Your Hands
3.Stop Trying
4.You've Changed
5.Be Good To Me
6.Bring Night
7.Hurting Me Now
8.Never Gonna Leave Me
10.I'm In Here
11.The Co-Dependent
12.Big Girl Little Girl
13.Oh Father
Colour The Small One 2009-01
1.Breathe Me
3.Sweet Potato
4.Natalie's Song
OnlySee 1997
1.Beautiful Reality
2.Soon (Provided)
3.Don't Get Me Started
4.I Don't Want to Want You
5.Shadow (Provided)
6.Asrep Onosim
7.Take It to Heart
8.One More Shot (Provided)
9.Tripoutro (Provided)
12.Madlove (Provided)
13.A Situation
Spotify Sessions
1.Bird Set Free (Live from The Village)
2.Elastic Heart (Live from The Village)
3.Space Between (Live from The Village)
4.Alive (Live from The Village)
5.Chandelier (Live from The Village)
6.Broken Glass (Live from The Village)
Some People Have Real Problems
1.Little Black Sandals
3.Day Too Soon
4.You Have Been Loved
5.Girl You Lost to Cocaine
7.I Go To Sleep
9.Death By Chocolate
10.Soon We'll Be Found
11.Electric Bird
12.Beautiful Calm Driving
Lady Croissant
1.Blow It All Away
2.Breathe Me
3.Numb - Live (Provided)
4.Distractions (Live)
5.Breathe Me (Live)
6.I Go to Sleep (Live)
7.Numb (Live) (Provided)
8.Lentil (Live)
9.Blow It All Away (Live)
10.Destiny (Live)
11.Don't Bring Me Down (Live)
14.I Go to Sleep
Lady Croissant (Live LP)
Healing Is Difficult
1.Blow It All Away
3.Judge Me
1.Can You Feel the Beat
2.One More Time
4.Why Did You Go
1.Life Jacket
2.Beautiful People Say
3.Blank Page
4.Push (Feeling Good on a Wednesday)
5.Iko Iko
6.The Corner
7.Born Yesterday
8.Makin The Most Of The Night
9.Freeze you out
10.Black & Blue
11.Battle Cry
Colour the Small One (Bonus Track Version)
2.Natale's Song
3.Breathe Me
4.Where I Belong
6.Sea Shells (Bonus Track)
7.Broken Biscuit (Bonus Track)
8.Where I Belong (Bonus Track)
9.Breathe Me (Ulrich Schnauss Remix) [Bonus Track]
10.Sea Shells
Annie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
1.Opportunity (Sia Version)
2.You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile
4.You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile (2014 Film Version)
Alive (Remixes)
1.Alive - Plastic Plates Remix
2.Alive - Maya Jane Coles Remix
3.Alive - AFSHeeN Remix
4.Alive (Cahill Remix)
Miscellaneous 1
1.The Girl You Lost
2.The Girl You Lost To Cocaine
3.Breathe Me (Four Tet Remix)
5.Little Man
6.The Fight (Live)
7.You Have Been Loved (Live)
8.The Church Of What's Happening Now
10.Don't Bring Me Down
11.Chandelier (Four Tet Remix)
13.The Bully
14.Broken Biscuit
15.My Love
16.Under The Milky Way
19.Burn the Pages
20.Eye of the Needle
22.Straight for the Knife
23.Fair Game
24.Elastic Heart
25.Free the Animal
26.Fire Meet Gasoline
28.Dressed In Black
29.Judge Me (Siksense Remix)
30.The Greatest
32.Move Your Body (Alan Walker Remix)
33.Midnight Decisions
34.Jesus Wept
35.Waving Goodbye
36.Unforgettable - From 'Finding Dory'
37.You Have Been Loved - Live from Sydney
38.Buttons - Chris Lake Rmx Morton Edit
39.Buttons (Jimmy Vallance Radio Edit)
40.The Girl You Lost to Cocaine - Mark Picchiotti Edit
41.The Girl You Lost to Cocaine (Sander van Doorn Remix Edit)
43.Cheap Thrills (Hex Cougar Remix)
44.Joy I Call Life
45.Blinded By Love
46.Salted Wound - Oliver Kraus and Brian West Remix (From Fifty Shades Of Grey Remixed)
47.Salted Wound (Oliver Kraus and Brian West Remix)
48.Free Me
49.Light header
50.My arena
51.Little Man (Exemen Rework)
52.Elastic Heart (Wideboys Heart Club Remix)
53.Elastic Heart (Steve Pitron & Max Sanna Remix) [Radio Edit]
54.Big Girls Cry (Wawa Remix)
55.Elastic Heart (Wideboys Heart Radio Mix)
56.Like a River Runs
57.Elastic Heart (From 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire')
58.Elastic Heart (Piano Version)
59.Chandelier - Piano Version
60.Salted Wound
61.Salted Wound (From The 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Soundtrack)
62.Light Headed
63.Chandelier (Cutmore remix)
64.Chandelier (Radio Edit)
65.Chandelier (Liam Keegan Mixshow)
66.Chandelier (Hector Fonseca Radio Edit)
67.Clap Your Hands (Main Mix)
68.Little Man (2002 mix)
69.Little Man (X.Men mix)
70.Drink to Get Drunk (Sander van Doorn remix)
71.Day Too Soon (Lifelike edit)
72.Clap Your Hands (main mix edit)
73.Cares at the Door
75.So Bored
76.Soon We'll Be Found (Radio Edit)
77.Bring It to Me
78.Bring Night (Paul Mac & Stereogamus Full Version)
79.Kill And Run
80.Clap Your Hands (Fred Falke remix)
81.Drink to Get Drunk (Different Gear remix)
83.Breath Me
84.Drink to Get Drunk (album version)
85.Where I Belong (Roni Size Remix)
86.Paranoid Android
87.Taken for Granted (radio edit)
88.The Girl You Lost (Sander Van Dorn mix)
89.Blame It on the Radio
90.Clap Your Hands (Doorly Remix)
91.I'm Not Important to You
93.Healing Is Difficult
94.Taken for Granted (Groove Chronicles Remix)
95.Bring Night (Live)
96.Day Too Soon (Radio Edit)
97.The Greatest (Solo version)
98.Cheap Thrills - Le Youth Remix
99.Cheep Thrills
1.Cheap Thrills (feat. Sean Paul) - Le Youth Remix
2.Elastic Heart (Kid Arkade Extended Mix)
3.Elastic Heart - Wideboys Heart Club Mix
4.Cheap Thrills (John 'J-C' Carr Remix)
5.Cheap Thrills feat. Sean Paul
6.Rainbow (From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 'My Little Pony: The Movie')
7.The Girl You Lost to Cocaine (Remix)
8.Cheap Thrills (John 'J-C' Carr Radio Mix)
9.Deer In Headlights
10.To Be Human

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